LJM has targeted and delivered exceptional capital growth to its clients since 1998.  LJM is registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC and is a member of the NFA.  The firm manages liquid alternative investment strategies with low correlation to other asset classes.  The strategy success has been based on managing risk relative to potential returns over a multi-year period. LJM does not attempt to predict market direction, but instead, builds portfolios with favorable risk/reward profiles in various market conditions.

Firm Timeline

1981 1995 1998 2003 2006 2012
Anthony Caine begins private trading of options. Anthony Caine begins formal trading of LJM stratgies full-time. LJM Partners is launched. LJM Aggressive Strategy launches July 1998. LJM Moderately Aggressive Strategy launches April 2003. LJM Preservation & Growth Strategy launches May 2006. LJM launches affilliate LJM Funds Management December 2012
  • $547 million assets under management (includes proprietary assets)
  • $82 million proprietary money co-invested
  • Headquarters at One Financial Place Chicago



LJM prides itself on strong company culture.  As an organization we define our goals through six main tenets:

  • Practice Perfect Ethics
  • Make Money
  • Be Accountable
  • Create Positive Experiences
  • Have Fun
  • Give Back