Anthony J. Caine

Founder and Chairman

LJM’s founder and chairman is Anthony J. Caine. Mr. Caine has more than 30 years of options-trading experience and more than 20 years of experience managing options portfolios. In 1998, Mr. Caine launched LJM Partners to offer his volatility strategies to clients. 

Mr. Caine spent the first 16 years of his professional career in the computer and software industries, including employment at Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, and Trilogy Development Company. In 1990, Mr. Caine founded Spyglass, Inc.—best known for the Mosaic web browser, which served as the foundation for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Spyglass, Inc. traded for five years on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange before it was acquired by OpenTV. 

Mr. Caine received dual degrees in economics and mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1979. In 2016, Mr. Caine was awarded Carnegie Mellon’s Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award.

Mr. Caine is registered with the CFTC as an AP and Principal of LJM and possesses his FINRA Series 3 license.