Susie Braman

Compliance and Operations Manager & Director of Social Responsibility

Susie Braman is LJM’s compliance and operations manager and director of social responsibility. Ms. Braman has extensive experience in compliance and operations management in managed futures, hedge fund, and broker-dealer services. Prior to joining LJM, Ms. Braman held a pivotal role in the development and provision of a boutique broker-dealer compliance and operations firm, specifically focused on hedge fund custodial services, private securities transactions, and mutual fund sales.  She is a member of the National Society of Compliance Professionals. Ms. Braman has been an active participant in community service within Chicago throughout her life. In addition to her current work with LJM social responsibility partnerships, Ms. Braman serves as a volunteer at Lurie Children’s Hospital and Inspiration Corporation. Ms. Braman holds a B.S. in finance and real estate from Indiana University.