Charitable Activities

At LJM, we believe that people are our greatest asset. We recognize our success is tied to the strength of our communities. That’s why “giving back” is one of the six main tenets of our company and deeply ingrained in our corporate culture.

LJM’s current focus is on partnering with organizations that support education through mentoring, financial literacy, and other resources. We believe that quality educational opportunities and resources should be available to all children. Focusing on educational volunteer opportunities also allows LJM employees to leverage their knowledge and skills to make a meaningful difference in our communities.
LJM is proud to partner with the following organizations:

College Possible Chicago

College Possible Chicago helps promising young people from low-income families attend and succeed in college. The organization starts by working with high school students to prepare for ACT/SAT exams and guides them through the college application and financial aid processes. These students are then followed to college where they are supported all the way through graduation.


MoneyThink’s goal is to build financial health in America by equipping students to believe in themselves, navigate the financial decisions of adulthood, and achieve financial independence through their innovative model. MoneyThink recruits and trains volunteers to serve as role models, college mentors, and financial coaches to high school teens. In partnership with schools and community organizations, MoneyThink volunteers lead 11th and 12th graders through programs focused on the real-world financial decisions that young people face.

Summit 54

Tony and Terri Caine founded Summit 54 in 2010, which works in close partnership with nationally recognized educational organizations, not for profits, government entities, local school districts, teachers, and community organizations to bring successful academic programs to Colorado students. Summit 54’s goal is to reduce the achievement gap in Colorado and improve the life prospects of students who benefit from the programs they support. Summit 54 envisions that this investment will lead to a more highly skilled workforce, less poverty, and stronger, more dynamic communities.